Texas Oil Fields Rebound From Price Lull, but Jobs Are Left Behind

MIDLAND, Tex. — In the land where oil jobs had been after a assured road to safety for blue-collar workers, Eustasio Velazquez’s career has been upended by technology.

For 10 years, he laid cables for service companies carrying out seismic …

Trump’s Inroads in Union Ranks Have Labor Leaders Scrambling

Donald J. Trump redrew the electoral map with his rousing financial nationalism and evocation of a lost industrial age. It was a message that drew a lot of union members to his cause. And now it is upending the alliances …

Economic Scene: Prisons Run by C.E.O.s? Privatization Below Trump Could Carry a Heavy Price

Eduardo Porter

Eduardo Porter

Economic SCENE

Last summer, the Justice Department decided to start winding down its use of private prisons.

Deputy Attorney General Sally Q. Yates noted in a memo that whilst private prisons have been valuable when public prisons were …