As China’s Economy Slows, a Look at What Could Take place

HONG KONG — China’s economy is slowing. How negative can it get?

China reported on Wednesday that its economy grew six.7 percent in the third quarter compared with a year ago. That matched economists’ expectations exactly, and was identical to …

The pound is a single of the world’s worst-performing currencies in the previous year

Hardly ever do folks compare the British pound to the Nigerian naira, Azerbaijani manat or Malawian kwacha. But these are special occasions. Following the Brexit vote, dumped sterling. Some are worried about the possibility of a “tough” Brexit. Others are …

How the Chemical Sector Joined the Fight Against Climate Alter


It may well appear surprising to uncover the world’s chemical firms on the front lines of stopping climate alter, fighting to disrupt their personal industries.

But in a sweeping accord reached on Saturday in Kigali, Rwanda, firms which includes Honeywell …

Financial Trends: How Did Walmart Get Cleaner Shops and Larger Sales? It Paid Its People A lot more


BENTONVILLE, Ark. — A couple of years ago, Walmart, which after built its entire branding around a big yellow smiley face, was creating a lot more than its share of frowns.

Shoppers have been fed up. They complained of dirty …

Why Is not the Fed Raising Prices? It’s Complicated, Chief Says


BOSTON — Janet L. Yellen, the Federal Reserve chairwoman, did not speak on Friday about the Fed’s plans for its benchmark interest price. Rather, she talked about why those plans have been so tough to make.

In a wide-ranging speech, …